Industry 4.0

CROC helps manufacturing and energy companies digitalize large production facilities, control complex technological processes, and simplify regulation, policy, and standard compliance. All this is enabled by special-purpose industrial automation solutions, which are among CROC's unique competences. Powered by these innovative technologies, enterprises can keep pace with the rapidly growing market, improve competitiveness, and reduce expenses.

Our solutions are based on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Technological Information Collection Systems (SCADA), and electricity control and optimization systems. CROC's proprietary solutions optimize operating modes and perform smart diagnosis of production equipment. We also implement solutions to ensure occupational safety at hazardous facilities.
CROC both completes turn-key projects (from inception to customer personnel training) and specific phase-related work, including technical maintenance of operated systems. Also, skilled specialists deploy conventional software and develop custom software to meet all customer needs. A detailed description of CROC's technologies is provided via a dedicated industrial automation portal.