Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT allows enterprises to efficiently use huge data volumes generated by production systems every day. Smart IoT systems enable complex equipment monitoring, management of distributed network operating modes, and performance simulating and forecasting at various time horizons.

Industrial IoT platforms allow customers to quickly create their own fine-tuned solutions and make them part of production processes, thus benefiting from direct management of large device networks and their combination with other systems virtually in any domain, such as utilities, water supply, oil and gas, energy, machine and instrument building, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, transportation, logistics, retail, and telecom.
Large enterprises and holdings with their own R&D units can use such solutions to make their processes much more efficient, automate meter reading and equipment diagnostics, and remotely monitor production facility networks, vending machines, and payment terminals. IoT systems heavily contribute to smart building automation by logging events and managing incoming data.